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Posted by on 2020/08/03 under Life

“It's just a mask" will turn into "It’s just a vaccine," very quickly. In less than 5 months, our government has successfully divided the country into "obedient mask wearers”, and "selfish people who refuse to wear masks.”

In less than 5 months, our government has dictated which events are acceptable and we are allowed to attend, and which are not allowed. Violent riots are acceptable and encouraged, while family gatherings and celebrations are not allowed. Standing in a graduation line is a "safety hazard,” but lining up at big-box stores is not.

In less than 5 months, our government succeeded in closing family-owned businesses, while enriching large corporations it has vested interests in.

In less than 5 months, our government persuaded the people to believe that a cashless society is a good thing—in the name of a government-sponsored virus.

In less than 5 months, our government closed down schools, and permanently "restructured" education moving forward—under the guise of “public safety.”

In less than 5 months, our government demonstrated how easily fearful people assimilate to lifestyle restrictions that have NO scientific premise. Our government has instilled fear as the ruling principle in the majority of the population in America, Canada and almost everywhere else in the world. But the citizens are not afraid of the people in power, who are responsible for the removal of their freedoms and livelihoods. Instead, they are fearful of their neighbors, family, human contact, and the air they breathe. Our government manufactured hysteria.

In less than 5 months, our government reduced a free people into slaves to the very system that oppresses them. People who are wearing masks "for the greater good”, will be the first to sign up for the new vaccine which will have zero longitudinal safety tests. What's more disturbing, is this vaccine will be used by our government as the standard deciding factor in our lives moving forward. Do you still think “It’s just a mask”? Wait until you are told that you cannot enter a store without proof of having the Covid-19 vaccine. Wait until you cannot go out into public places, travel, shop, or go to a doctor, without proof you are not a “risk” to others.

You do realize that our government has successfully dictated to us when we are allowed to be outside, where we are allowed to go, and how our children will be educated—in less than 5 months. A majority of the population follow their illegal dictates blindly, all because they are told to do so. They will also repeat this behavior with the vaccine for their government-sponsored “virus.” It was NEVER about a mask, it was always about control.

2 thoughts on “wake up sheep

  1. Anonymous says:

    Baaahhhaaaa!!!! Baaaahhhhaaa! Baaaahhhaaa!

    Who says the Non-Mask wearers are Selfish?

    Certainly not I. I see times I want to wear a mask and other times not. I say GD when I see a store that wont let me in without a mask and want to set the place on fire. Not because I am a completely psycho with this world at this point, but because of the Dictatorship BS. But this FU world is pushing me to go Psycho!

    If I need food, gas, supplies I don’t want to have to tolerate some nickle and dime minimum wage part time Walmart or gas station retard harping and nagging at me in a condescending tone. I might gut you biotch right here on the spot… In my fantasy mind of thoughts of course.
    Hey stop behind the plastic ribbon! You cant walk past this line! Hold it we counted one too many Brainwashed sheep in the store says some mid puberty pre-teen working part time and acting like an authoritative prick while secretively having an orgasm in their pants due to the illusions of power over another as they fantasize they are on their way to the top of the fantasy good deed for the day Heroism ladder. Too many cliches, lables, metaphors and euphemisms in one run on sentence? Yeah! I know!

    Another mindless looser stands outside the door doing nothing and reminds me … We will be closing in 15 minutes” like I am unaware and dont know what time it is. That’s fine you brainwashed retard…I just need to buy some more bullets buddy so I can blow your stupid Special Ed brains out and end your suffering as I exit in the mad rush to meet the 24 hour walmart 8:30 deadline else be perscuted and penalized as they locked me in the store and say we cant take your money we shut down the cash register electricity.

    I have worn a mask about 10 times since all this crap! 60 years old and rather smart too, and don’t want or need some weekend crack head with 4 teeth in his mouth or pre-teen retard trying to feel important by telling me what to do as if they are above me. Its past time for me to over stock on ammo!

    Now lest talk politics and international blame. China is ground zero for Covid, Right? They housed the Covid in one of thier labs and tried to blame it on their lack of hygienic food handling regulations in the food market district! Mr. China Nobody is to blame. Certainly Not that Government ran Biological facility less than 2 miles away. You know the one that imported a strain of the covid virus (documented) into china from Canada! No! its all the dead ducks, dead chickens, dead fish, dead pigs hanging on a rope in the hot sun dripping blood everywhere for 10 hours a day. Oh lets not forget the live animal (whatever the hell its called) that carries the Covid in its body over in china and just so happens to be one of their favorite foods, also dead and hanging from a string.
    Its the Lobster, the shrimp, Cod and puffer Fish, chicken, Duck, Pig blood all mixed together. Plus the person hiding in the corner taking a piss. all mixed together and served up over a bowl of Chok or rice. Tad-ah! Covid is spawned!

    What????? Two countries have strains of the Covid in storage facility and NO ONE IS REGULATING THIS WORLD WIDE KILLER that has disrupted every Nation/Country in the world??????????? What the hell are they doing with it in the first place. Shoot it to the sun and let it burn.

    No! Dont do that as Its the next best revenue generator outside of condoms, aids and the Flu vaccine! BTW now the queers can take a pill if they have aids and keep on sucking and packing mud.
    Yes! its either another democratic plot against Trump or an agenda 21 directive. Get rid of the sick and the weak world wide, costing us too much. Lets Purge! Every man for himself! I want to purge all niggers! Then the nigger lovers and nigger ass kissers.

    Funny how families are broken apart as the new snowflake society will turn against family members all together in favor of some nigger they don’t even know or knew existed. Purge the snow flakes too. if they are family so be it they are purged. They already betrayed disowned thier own family so why not.

    Sorry for the off topic but I hate anyone that disrupts my way of life, and thats every nigger I see.

    But back too it!!!!! Who pays the health bill for you if you get Covid? YOU DO! Either that or your quickly going bankrupt Health Insurance that has an annual cap. Cant afford health insurance? SORRY YOU GET TO DIE! China should pay for it all AS THEY ARE TO BLAME! The US is Controlled by china as they own quite a lot of businesses in the US. Outside of that It is circulated that The US Gov is in debt to china and owes them financially. Separate from Trumps Embargo, so Yeah Trump, ream them some more…. make them pay and no free rides or ass kissing.

    ((((Sorry still hating on the stupidity of Niggers, nigger lovers, nigger ass kissers, and snowflakes who support them!))))

    Mean while, in the midst of the Covid Pandemic……at 11:20 at night…..Some Drunk out of his mind, passed out Nigger gets jogged in to a drunken state of awareness, consistently lies to the police, fights with police, hits them, seals their weapon from them and fires it at the police! The police return fire…. and every nigger lover in the world is up in arms.

    We have had enough, Nigger lives matter, racist, and other BS… lets start a riot all over the world. All the Nigger Ass kisser now have black lips that smell like nigger s***.

    When you fire upon me, you life wont matter! I don’t give a s*** what color you are! But if you are a nigger then all the better. At least 2 of your nigger family members are selling drugs, stealing, hooked on drugs, or performing some type of crime. Minimum!!

    Niggers wont rat out another crack dealing gang member nigger if they see them kill 10 people right in front of them, but some nigger they don’t know shot by some white guy who was defending himself (((LETS GO APE S***))))…..

    The Dead nigger showed his true intents, was willing to die just to hold up the nigger code. Deceive, Lie, Cheat, Steal and Kill.

    Okay. Let me see if I understand this!

    The superior do nothing wrong, pillar of the best father of the whole nigger world. He Who chose to live his life in one of the most crime infested states. Has a Wife and children who love and miss him dearly. (Per news media interview)
    The one who has a Wife and Cousin who set up 2 or more seperate “GO FUND ME” Websites as to milk all the money they can.

    This wonderful Dead Nigger left his loving wife and kids at home. Drove over 400 miles away to Georgia! Thus went to another state 2 states away and according to all the casual Nigger Lies that flowed out of his mouth….

    (1) I came Down to Visit my mothers Grave. Moms been dead for 1.5 years and I am over due to pay her a visit… so here i sit passed out in my car in front of Wendy’s getting a hamburger, but backing up the drive through window with 4 cars behind him.. he thought it was Burger King by the way!
    (2) I was visiting my Girlfriend and we got drunk because it was her birthday.
    (3) Dont arrest me! Lets forget about the whole thing!!! I need to go back home “400 miles away” its my daughters birthday (yesterday).

    So common to play the feel sorry for the nigger cons.

    Really? Not making a drug run????
    This loving and well loved nigger went to visit his dead nigger mother 1.5 years later! On his kids or whores birthday??????

    Niggers are so honorable when it comes to their own family, historical woes, heriates and ancestors? the white man is keeping them down?????????

    BULL SH….!
    The dead Nigger dishonored his entire race, nationally, publicly!
    the news media interviews his wife and Kids, himself as the ultimate father…… but he left all of them on his kids birthday to go see his dead mothers grave, get drunk and visit his favorite whore girlfriend, and laid passed out in a car at a hamburger joint??????

    He disgraced them all and deserves to be dead!
    He used his dead mother in as a lie attempt to get out of jail free on some feel sorry for the nigger pity Plea!
    He used his whore girlfriends birthday as a lie.
    He used his own daughter’s birthday as an lie.
    He Left his family! His wife, his kids…. for a whore in another state?

    Yes this was a wonderful father figure and upstanding NIGGER!
    Lies every drunken breath,
    Resist arrest for DUI… (where is all the MADD supporters?)
    Assaults 2 police,
    Steals a police weapon,
    Evades the police and tries to leave the scene,
    Tries to use the weapon and fires it upon the police.

    And everyone blames the white policeman who was being fired upon.

    I would have shot the nigger to Molded Black Swiss cheese.

    Oh, I bet you forgot, that FAMILY Car he abandoned, what do you want to bet they found drugs in it, that it was stolen, or about to be repossessed… but hushed that bad nigger publicity up?

    Yep! I went off topic big time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    lol ok i agreed with some of what you wrote, but you blaming the worlds problems on china or the niggers, isnt going to help you is it?
    its how they control people by dividing and conquering. As long as you are sitting around hating on some nig, the gov is laughing in your face. a divided america is a waste of time and no one is gonna move foward until we all change. Its not bout loving all the worlds nigs, its bout doing whats right to get things done. i honestly dont give a c*** bout skin color well maybe i lie, i do a little but not much.
    i seen far left antifa guys fighting off far right so called fascists in the street. in my opinion thats when s*** as gone too damn f***ing far, all over politics? all over some d*** splash politicians words? nah f*** that s***, im not gonna go out fighting and doing bad s*** because some rich c*** in government said something….
    f*** political parties man… just do whats right.

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