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Posted by on 2020/08/02 under Life

I got pregnant my senior year. Yes, i still graduated. But, the dad dipped b4 my 1st trimester. As I think back, I dont recall really ever feeling 'any such way' about it. I'm sure I hurt but don't recall any serious depression issues ect. I just kept going, forging ahead i guess. My only focus was the baby. i just figured the dad might change his mind someday. I also don't recall being in Love with him either, no pitter-patter hallmark moments ya know,lol… For quite a few years there were slight interactions between us, chld suprt, and him. out of the blue,(2020) I decide to toss his name into fb. I couldn't believe it- there he was. well ,like i c0uldnt help myself, I started reading posts,ect…ok really im sucked in. hes talking about his fam members and posting pics, so i kind of got hopeful for my son there for a few mins…. Until one particular post caught my eye; a bands post stating their condolensces to his parents,ect!!! i was like woa what! i didnt tell my son any thing,he has mental and emotional issues. The time had to be right… well the right timing in my life has always been wrong! Not even a week later he comes in and starts telling me he wonders if knowing his dad and that side of the fanily would have made him turn out better,ect,different?? So I reluctantly told him what id just learned. He actually contacted them, has had some angry words with the grandpa, and is now retreating again. There were some discrepancies with what they were told and what we know for a fact, and i feel that its hard for someone to not only admit that a fam member would lie to them, itd be even harder to have to accept that. I wish I could get my son to understand that, i also felt like he rushed into it all(this is a repetitive action no matter what the situation) and spoke more with the aunt so when grandfather contacted him he basically was blaming him, his mother. me, my mother… Well I feel that since the major people involved have all passed on, there is no way of getting the answers from them, and he can't blame these surviving fam members for being lied to. I explained to him that there's nothing anyone can do about the past, but he could just start right here, and right now and build from that. He should be glad he has more family. What do you all think?? Thanks

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