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Posted by on 2020/08/01 under Life

as per the book that made us all as what we are, the rule of the game has been reached its know the truth and to be reach the gate to the world beyond the one must know something that not that hard to grasp and understand is called law of the nature section something something the first one is if you chose to be nor man or women and be in between you be human and that is bad,and your kind means not actually your kind it means what kind racily you are,when the situation present it self the so called mind choose to stand always with your own to what they seen heard and learned and taught,if you took animals they are all animals but they wont let or see something other than their physical attributes as their own,and if the predator let the prey be free and give them rights as we do the path will not progress as they meant to future it ends in destruction of the one it self,the prime nature of humans is survival and the write path is always chaos like Hitler there is a saying sooner is better there were so much blood was already shed to achieve this vision and only some people may see it the world is not meant to accommodate so many sooner or later the one with power will consume the week for the benefit of survival and when a person become human even when they know the truth they chose to hide behind empathy and kindness till their daughters get violated and their homes burn down then only they wake from this blindness they made them self by believing they are better than some one else in truth they all were always the same as the most hated ones,and they always forget every life is made pure and it made and molded by the book it self to be what they are and only because they were not in the plan it doesn't make the great it will make them week .and blinded to the truth and the truth is ,to be free of chaos and survive to be something anew the one must walk through chaos and destruction and consume everything else everything other than your could say all animals are your kind but you build a pac with random animals it wont survive the cold.its like building a house with random shaped bricks the house wont be much of help when the hour of need only because it was not made with the right kind,all is brick but not the right kind inside nor outside and it never will be.its not because they dont want to in truth they cant its the nature of the bricks|and the saddest thing is always the people who got consumed by ideals and lies other than the truth it self will become prey and the ones who knows the truth always be what they are.and life matters in a way and there is no injustice or justice every race and kind is raped and killed and oppressed|and the house build with random bricks will fall first with the right amount of chaos

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