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Posted by on 2020/07/30 under Life

i remember finding this website when i was probs like 13 years old, writing about my problems. here i come back as a 23 year old.

i think, if anything, i never saw myself making it past 18. i really thought i wasnt going to be here after my freshman year in college.

its interesting to me how i eventually hit that point where life got better. i had to really push for most of it to change though bc prayer never really got me anywhere.

situations in life end all of the time and when it does, it always ends up hurting me immensely. however, i have never experienced many endings at once. its a combination of a lot of things. every facet of my life that i look to has ended. i put all of this together and it makes sense to me why theres no reason for me to be alive anymore.

One thought on “wow here i am again

  1. Anonymous says:

    You can’t possibly be saying that! You yourself just said that you never thought you’d make it past 18 and guess what? You’re 23, congrats .Life is not a list of things that you make and you just gotta check out. Everyday something unexpected happens. And you never know when the next adventure is gonna be, but this is not the end for you. This is the very beginning. Start living , be spontaneous, take chances !!! But don’t overthink and give up

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