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Posted by on 2020/07/18 under Life

I hope….

When you need somebody to talk and listen to, no one is there for you.

When you turn to annonymous sites it feels as if people beat down on you pushing you deeper into whatever it is that you're going through.

Somebody out there to torment you like you did to me, making me feel like I couldn't trust anyone or feel safe anywhere.

Your loneliness festers inside of you, people making you feel even more alone.

Whatever you're going through affects your family to the point that they want to put you in a mental institute.

The people that are closest to you can't handle you anymore, so they make you go stay somewhere else.

When you talk to your children on your phone because they miss you you feel like a bad parent because when they ask are you coming home all you want to do is break down and cry.

You have somebody make you feel like they're the queen of every goddamn near everything, so that you have nowhere to f****** vent.

People put you down, make comments about you, your name and your looks.

People make fun of what you went through in life and belittle how you feel mentally, trying to tell you that you have some sort of mental illness or poking fun of what they think you have.

F*** you.
F*** you.
F*** you.
F*** you.
F*** you.

You want a dog, just look in the mirror. You've had one all along. Your bark was loud but I silenced it.
You want a snake, look around you. They're waiting to swallow you whole.

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