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Posted by on 2020/06/30 under Life

Offline TV won't be the same without Fed. It's sad to see him leave especially like this, but I support The house's decision. Even if he was drunk, and what he did after he got drunk wasn't really his fault as his sense of judgement was impaired, I strongly believe that it would be incredibly unfair to Yvonne if she truly feels unsafe around him. Although I agree that posting it on twitter may have been severely detrimental to Fed's career and that there could have been other ways to deal with the situation, like keeping his name anonymous somehow, getting therapy, talking about it just among house members, I do not doubt the importance of Yvonne telling her story. If what happened really did traumatize her as she said, telling her part is an important part of getting over it and moving on. Honestly, it's a damn tragedy. I think Fed really does care about his friends and wouldn't want to hurt them, but saying that what Yvonne went through couldn't have been that scarring and hard is completely invalidating her feelings. I agree that we can all have our own opinions though we may not agree, I do not think that you should be able to invalidate someone like that because they, like everyone should be entitled to their own independence of mind and opinions. Saying that the house simply made this move because of all the other sexual assault allegations that have been coming out lately, and that Yvonne overreacted to me is just selfish. Yes, Fed was a great streamer. He made great content, was great at editing and was pretty successful at his job but all kings no matter how great must face the consequences of what they've done. I don't think anyone has pressed charges and maybe in the future, if Fed figures out this whole alcohol thing he will be able to reunite with the house but ultimately it isn't our decision to make it's Yvonne. Maybe one day she'll find it in herself to forgive, however forgiveness doesn't always come so soon. In the meantime we need to remember that events like this don't happen on the fly. Woman's rights are important and it will be a dark dark day if woman's rights are reduced to a mere internet trend. I haven't have a clue what's to come fore Offline TV and Fed but I wish them both the best. You may not be able to change the past, but your actions now will still affect the future. Take the time to make amends. If you are unhappy with who you are and where that has left you then it's time to change.

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