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Posted by on 2020/06/30 under Life

May 27, 2020
6:55 AM

So, after going to sleep at 11pm, I woke up at what I think is 6am while having dreams of my parents forcing me to religious events and religious books (like they been pandering recently). Still laid on the bed for almost an hour before simulating a decision to get up for school (I know. It's holiday right now. No school). The previous days I've been awakened earlier (like 3am) after going to bed at the same time only to simulate other things in my mind (cue hypersexuality). In today's case, I already did that before going to sleep at 11pm. So, I guess I'm becoming dependent.
1 or 2 days ago, I didn't go to sleep till 5 am. Still can't remember when I got up.

I've been working on a petition letter to appeal a required withdrawal. I wrote the first few paragraphs summarising some challenges that caused my failure. For over a week, I haven't been able to finish the letter or add to it. Pushing myself to work on the letter is a challenge. Even when I look at the letter sometimes, I don't know what else to add. I'm required to write a letter explaining my circumstances that caused academic issues, what I plan to do/am already doing to resolve the issues and move forward.
Another problem is I don't have a plan on what to do moving forward.

Basically, the same thing that happens with me at school is repeating itself. Difficulty getting up (hence missing classes/labs). Difficulty completing assignments, difficulty studying/practicing problems (making the assignments more difficult later in the term and making me too embarrassed to attend labs and look unprepared).
–Tournel H

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