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Posted by on 2020/06/30 under Life

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Finally finished writing my petition letter for YorkU two days ago after a month of struggling to complete a task which is supposed to be simple and quick.
Took me forever to come up with sentences. Also struggled to get excuses/reasons for my failures and why my petition should be granted.

A few days later I sent a modified copy of the letter to my parents after they forcefully demanded it.
I erased a few lines and tampered with them so it doesn't sound so offensive to them.
They slightly misunderstood that I struggle to stay concentrated on my academic work (precisely readings). Then they somehow read this portion;
–"Since the 2018 winter term, I noticed I struggle to keep myself concentrated on my academic work. That is, I couldn’t stay long reading material like textbooks, notes and papers. I also struggled to get myself up to do anything like attending classes, practice problems over and over, attending necessary religious events, even carrying out some hobbies/skills (piano playing, gaming) or getting up on time for morning classes."—

And came to a wrong conclusion that I'm struggling with my religion.
There's nothing in that line that suggests me struggling with a religion. I don't have any beliefs in any religion whatsoever. Saying, "…attending necessary religious events,…" is me using that as an example of me struggling with simple responsibilities I'm supposed to carry out easily. The religious events in question are rules made by my parents (going to church on sundays, attending prayers with my sisters, etc). These are tasks (just like completing my assignments, studying for exams, and so on are all tasks). Not my beliefs. I've been doing them since I was younger because they're rules.
They only came to that conclusion because they're trying again to fit their religious views to fault me .

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