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Posted by on 2020/06/22 under Life

I'm still talking and bringing up things that don't matter. They are still with their bullying, nasty posts. That's fine! I've kept some to show. They made me look bad, I played into it. They got what they wanted. In the end it just really doesn't matter. I don't have the need to explain myself and I shouldn't. The hurt is still clearly there, but mentally I am way more solid. The hurt doesn't penetrate. Maybe I did something wrong by reaching out for help. It seems that when I do, it ends poorly. I have also realized that when I speak my mind people that choose to read it and keep on reading it, end up having a negative reaction. That goes for talking about things too. I'm beginning to think for some, like me, this is the way to get through life, just keep everything in and don't show much. Bottle it up and counsel your emotions. I'm also not allowed to do it anonymously public. All I know is that I must treat myself with different limitations just as others do.

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