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Posted by on 2020/06/18 under Life

January 7, 2020
6:38 PM

Looking at my past and looking forward, I'm not sure I want to proceed with living.
No prospect of me finishing my degree. Failed my courses. About to be kicked out of university by the academic warning. Can't qualify for petition options. Didn't get any psychological evaluation I can submit as proof. Bennett Centre doesn't offer psychiatric documentation. I'm not even sure I have a psychological issue – more like I'm just unserious. My parents can't afford a useful college programme that will let me stay in Canada.
Even if I did finish school, I can't cope with the responsibilities of a profession. Better off not being born

Thinking of switching to Geography and applying for course relief. However, my approval will be granted too late (summer 2020). So, it won't protect me from the withdrawal. Even my first year math courses aren't so good. I bet my dad won't be willing to pay for the two new first year courses I'll need either (my fault for failing and making them tired).
Don't want to discuss late withdrawal petition with an advisor either

—Tournel H

4 thoughts on “Just another rant

  1. Anonymous says:

    College is not for everyone, you can make a good life for yourself with a technical certificate or apprenticeship. There are also companies that move you up by seniority with great pay and benefits.

    If your not interested then I suggest you don’t waste your time or their money. Unless you really want it but then you should be more into going. Don’t let others expectations for your life control over you. It seems that your stressed out and it’s messing with your mental health and self-esteem.

    I hope you make the best decision for you. I wish you the best!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry about the grammar and spelling errors, I didn’t proof read.

  3. Anonymous says:

    College can be challenging and personally it took me close to 15 years just to get a degree as it was in and out due to the punches and curve balls in life.
    So if you truly want it stick with it, Talk with the Dean, Financial services, counters, even the professors and explain the situations (Honestly and Humbly). Let them know your problems, they may have other avenues and suggestions that are protocol. But you have to do your part and follow the recommendations or suggestions. otherwise the efforts are futile and a waste of their time and yours.

    Its all up to you, not me, your parents, society, etc. You have to make the choice for your own wants and dreams in life. Go with your realistic dreams and goals (vet assistant), not some fantastical dream of being the MIT Professor that discovers the cure for cancer. Like the above person states, dont waste your time and money on it if you dont want to be there.
    But it sounds like you do want to be there, just lacking the esteem under and because of the circumstances. Thus stating your situation here.

    I felt the same ways sometimes! Inadiquate, unable to cope and learn at the intense levels. Its normal! Wanted to run out of the class room screaming, TOO MUCH INFORMATION HAVE TO RUN jump off the roof! Life is not a bowl of ice cream, you have to work for the things you want.

    Because of what you wrote, I think the college pressures are making you want to punish yourself. Its not you, so dont beat yourself up. Maybe you do have some issues, but everyone does they just hide it (Just like you do) so dont think you are alone!

    Think of it like a car! If you want in “Get In”. If you want out “Get out”. If you get a C then you passed!

    But one F***king thing you are NOT is Worthless, so quit thinking that way.

    Its very common for colleges to have 80 of people thinking just like you (I cant, Problems, issues, etc) thus many colleges do not report the topics, its kept private and personal. I seen suicides, crying, anger, frustration, people walking out of classes because they felt they cant hack it or got a bad grade, etc.

    Its just not True. You can do it if you want, just pick on one thing at a time. I know they move fast in the classroom and cover 1-3 chapters per session, just slow it down and control the number of classes you take.

    Many colleges offer a general degree with no specific major, so open the door to your own passions. You will find if you choose subjects you like and have a passion for, your grades will improve and everything will flow.

    You will never do anything if you kill yourself. So dont do that either.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Counters was suppose to be Councilor (I need new glasses as I cant see these little letters

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