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Posted by on 2020/06/14 under Life

Just needed a place to write, somewhere to write (haha), get it off my chest, put it out there so it's not up here, release creativity, let go, somewhere I could vent, be me, pretend that I had closure, defended myself from childhood trauma, love, not put my burdens on others, or have them see them.

Look what that did.

Discovered, stalked, pushed, harassed, trolled, ganged up on
Was I singled out or did they do this before. They seem to have a nack, maybe this is their interesting hobby. Reading, alongside with bullying. Is art also thrown in there? The art of being a asshat.

First no f***s given
Second point out the obvious
Am I close?

I ask because I truly don't go around intentionally trying to hurt or break people.
It just happens because I just that flawed. I have to live with that.

One thought on “What did that do for me

  1. Anonymous says:

    An asshat*
    Me and my spelling lol funny

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