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Posted by on 2020/06/05 under Life

When I'm on facetime with my friends..they always have something to say about me.. I know its a joke but it hurts. The reason why it hurts because last year in 5th grade this one boy made my entire grade hated me..And when you are in 5th grade you have to sit with your main you thought..they all hated I asked my teacher If I could sit with another class just so I could feel welcomed..It was amazing sitting with them..Then we just left the problem..then everyone liked me again or so I thought..Now im in middle school and I still feel like im hanging over a cliff with rocks underneath..and sometimes I just wanna jump..but I can't..when I try to let go of my emotions..they just the best of me..Thanks for listening much safe out there

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You’ll get through this. You won’t even remember much of middle school when you’re older. Focus on yourself, subjects that interest you, look to the future. Middle school is temporary. I had a hard time then too…but now, it doesn’t affect my life. Much love.

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