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Posted by on 2020/06/02 under Life

Just writing I feel like it’s not fair that every girl that I liked ended up with my best friend and the one time someoned liked me they ended up with guy that just treated her like trash and I recently lstarted flirting with a girl and she played video games so I invited her and my friend then right in my face they started flirting with each other and the worst part by the end of the night she confessed her love to my friend I’ve basically Convinced My self I’m never gonna be enough for someone I’m short f up hair generally dry In all convos honestly I don’t know what girls like they all ways say personality but I think there lying and even when I treat them like my queen even if we’re not dating they end up with A guy that I know that I can’t compete with and maybe it’s my fault because “I never made the first move” like as A man I have to make the first move But I can’t and its my fault at the end of the day I gotta stop being a wuss

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sending courage your way. I hope the right girl comes along and somewhere deep down you find the strength to make the first move.

    You got this!

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