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Posted by on 2020/05/27 under Life

I am shocked by our disregard to the gravity of this problem. I understand that we need to work. I was laid off do to the virus and had to get another job but this could absolutely take us out. I got sick and know how dangerous a germ can be. In my own mind if it does take us out I think our states will become countries unto themselves and the stronger countries will take over the weaker countries. I do think we're doing the best we can do but we have to try to grasp the reality of this.

6 thoughts on “Pandemic

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have you noticed how difficult it is for us to learn social distancing. These new norms will take time to get accustomed to. I don’t know if we are doing the best we can. It’s such a new issue and we have to hope that we are and learn from it. I think for now we have to worry about our own health and the ones around us. We have to have faith that the government knows what it’s doing and that we are all in their best interests.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I guess that’s a better way to describe the problem. I do have a tendency to go to extremes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We all do at times.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Social distancing is gemetria for slavery.
    Notice the cctv flying around watching you taking full face pics of you ( because they can now you are social distanced)
    f*** social distancing

  5. Anonymous says:

    how could you compare keeping a safe distance from someone’s cough or sneeze to slavery??? Also if you wear a mask how are they getting full faced photos of you? And how isn’t a full face safer anyway? when s*** goes wrong in public you know who to hold accountable?

  6. Anonymous says:

    you can get this so called virus through your eyes. so a mask means nothing, they have facial recognition to see through the masks. They probably already have your full face pics of you anyway, this is just to control you.
    Its not a safe distance at all, who is the judge on a safe distance? its a different distance in most countries all across the world, some places the hairdressers are open, how can you cut someones hair at a safe distance? extend your arms 6 feet?
    while in other countries haircuts are not allowed. One rule for one country or area? and another rule for another?
    no real transparency on anything.
    Its nonsense.

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