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Posted by on 2020/05/17 under Life

Watching as a past time when I was younger intervention.I Always thought that depression and substance was a joke until it has affected me in my personal life.Boy I will tell you what it has affected everyone in the family unit I care for my wife so much and seeing her like this makes me want to take all of the depression and pain that she is going through just to see back to her old self.It has been so hard waking up going to work knowing that I'm am leaving her in the morning dealing with this internal battle on her own.Theres is nothing I can do but give support and when I do I get pushed away and named called telling me I'm annoying and she just wants to be left alone. I try not to show my emotions because I know that is what depression does.But sometimes while I'm working I have to stop the truck because emotions get the best of me and I start balling and it feels like I'm having a heart attack.I have lately been coming home a little later than usual and this is why. Wife ask why it's been taking so long I just say it's been busy day because I do not want to put more stress on her. Everyone at work has been noticing a change all I do is put a fake smile I'm good. I feel hopeless in this situation and all can do is suck it up for kids and wife.

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