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Posted by on 2020/05/17 under Life

Why I like you? I have absolutely no idea, no clue what’s so ever. It’s like you’re everything to me, yet i’ve barely said three words to you. I love everything about you, or at least the stuff i know about you, like how you’re funny and kind, defensive and adoring. A single thought of you can keep me up, just thinking about you. Yet you keep forgetting my name. I know that it’s all so crazy, I mean, I don’t know you, you don’t know me, and still I feel like we are soul mates, like there’s a connection. I know it all sounds so insane, and I get it if you just stop reading, but the way he looks at me, it melts my heart, because he looks at me with emotion and care, even if he doesn’t know it, and he’s probably doesn’t, but I would do anything to just be one of his friends, be able to know him, hang out with him, laugh with him…be with him. I wouldn’t ever get into a relationship without knowing the person good enough first, but I have no means of contact, I have him on instagram, but he probably doesn’t recognise my @, and, if i’m being honest, i’m scared to even look at him, let alone message and converse with him. I just want to get to know him, find out his interests and hobbies, just be that person for him, but once again, i’m a coward so…
I just feel so close to him even though we are so far away from that, but it’s all in the way he looks at me, it just glows my heart.

invisible girl from science :/

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