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Posted by on 2020/05/12 under Life

i know that we’ll never be together. i keep making excuses for why things won’t work: you’re going abroad, youre going to graduate and leave me behind, we’ll never see each other, etc. the list really does go on and on. everyone thinks i’m crazy for not leaving you behind almost as soon as it started. you see me as someone to fill the void and your loneliness but only when convenient for you. you take and take and take until you can’t take anymore. even writing this i feel like a broken record. i want to see you succeed and be happy. i want the best for you. the problem is you only want the best for me when you benefit from it. however, at the end of the day i know it is always going to be you that i want to be with. there’s something about the way we instantly found each other in a crowded room. the way you so lovingly looked in my eyes and were so instant on talking things out when we’d get frustrated with each other. it was the softness in your voice as you’d remind me that you cared for me more than i thought and then would run your fingers mindlessly through my hair. no one got to the see the person i grew to love behind closed doors. or people would get a glimpse when we’d be too drunk to keep up the facade of caring less and wouldn’t leave each other’s side. there’s a part of me that might’ve loved you just a little too much. call me when you’re ready to go home.

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