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Posted by on 2020/05/09 under Life

I love the fact that you can find just about anything you need want on amazon, if not you can usually find it on ebay and just as cheap or a dollar cheaper ans shipped quicker.

But I hate amazons shipping BS as they will not provide you with a tracking number so that you can personally track your package or know exactly where it is at in shipping, in-route, or destination, much less delivered. Quite evasively lazy on their part and probably intentional to as well.

I also hate amazon as they are in control. NOT YOU! If you dont have a "PRIME" membership, you get whatever shi*ty delivery service they decide to deal you. Usually free if you fall for their up-sale bs and spend $X.xx dollars. Even if you pay the over priced delivery charges ($10.00) for a baseball card, that over priced delivery charge only goes to grease their pockets as it still delivered (5-10) days later. 2nd Day Priority Express (USPS) is only $3.00 more ($13.xx) and faster and wide as a shoe box and a little taller.

With amamzon, you really dont know who the hell you are buying from and which country or state they are in.. which can also delay shipping and arrival dates. In saying that, Ebay is just as bad but you have the choice and know if you are dealing with china or some other nation seller (along with better estimates of shipping and arrival dates).

To elaborate on the above, amazon shipping can be slower than some chnese ebay dealer! I have personally ordered the same item twice from china and it consistently arrived within 6 days of the order, with DHL tracking all the way. DHL tracking kind of sucks though. Still that's nearly halfway around the world and overseas to boot in six days. Amazon, who has multiple warehouses accross the US, cant even deliver to the next state (AZ to TX) without shipping it up to New York or over too California first.

I guess amazon just hires crack heads and mental retards that know little of the locality of the states within the nation, much less can tell which way is north on a map, google map or a compass. No better than the New blond weather girl reporter with big boobs and a mouth made for sucking (runny nose to boot)… luckily she found the news station 2 blocks from her house…. but was still late as she stopped off at the men bathroom for a few extra bucks.

I am sure I could write more, but I am sleepy.

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