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Posted by on 2020/05/04 under Life

First I am drunk but that does not excuse my rant becuse I have even a logical mind when I am not sober. but saying that I am sure my eyes overlook many typeos and I hope you will as well.

Cooperation, Retail, and Industry, seem to think they control society and set the standard, but lets not forget who keeps them powerfully rich enough to hold that illusion and delusion.

Without our revenue, they would cease to exist. Yet society acts as if they cannot live without them as if they are oxygen themselves.

Everyone of them have the attiuted "got ya by the balls and nothing you can do about it"!

Electricity, Water, phone, internet, reatil stores, food! And the zombies of society keep paying as if they have no choice. Retail and cooperations anre now controling our monies and lives. Far worse is the Govonrment dictating our incomes and how they are spent.

Income tax based on how many live in your home…. umm just one "myself" so I am penalized (dedutables) as its a control mechinism. a well calcualted program that steals money out of my pocket, to pay goverment officals to sit on their ass and think up more ways to steal my money….my lifes effort to survive. month to monnth, week to week with pay cuts and less benifits but increased taxes.

Meanwhile they vote them self a 4K ($4000.00) a year raise and more free medical for live … for what? finding more ways, passing more bills and laws, increasing taxes as to charge me more money?

When was the last time "YOU TOLD YOUR BOSS/Employer" that you cnat meet your budget and they have no coice but to charge them more money for the services (work) you provide?? Never in the past 75 – 100 years.

20 years ago, you did not pay a $35.00 fees to everyohne/ someone to provide a non labor serice such as water, gas, phone or electricity. Now they charge you for a god damn electronic electric meter that saves them about 50% per month,

If I drve my bike to deliver your paper, do I charge you for the bike and the paper, for my time. No@ I charge you for my time.
Business buy a peice of property which becmes theirs, buld a $3 million dollar buiding on it… who do they charge and increase prices… the consumer.

Once they pay off the $5.5 mil on the propery and building … who owns it? Who really paid for it? (the consumer). How much more real estate and land equity, and buying power does the company now have.

They own the land and property that you paid for as you allowed them to increase prices and charge you for thier own gain.

I smoke cigarettes daily. Are you going to pay me for my habbits? I want a new car or house@! can I charge you $20.oo more per month for that? Who will own it after I increase your bill.I have heath insurance that pays everything (no out of pocket) you going to pay for that as well? …while you have to pay more than half your wages and annual income just to get an GD flu shot?

By the way…. I own it free and clear, I do not owe you a dime and will continue to charge you more, even though I am profiting and becoming filty rich off of you.

Lets turn the tables back into the controll of society, the consumer, the individual! Goverment, cooperations, retail, etc would cease to exist if we took back the control that the consumer once had 20 years ago.

Nearly $30.00 for 2 rib eyes, $35.00 just so the electric company can see how much electrity you use on the smart meter? They save as they dont have to pay 30 people to drive all over the county (monthly/gas, insurance, hourly wages, etc) yet they now say and charge you an additional $35.pp per month ($420.00 a year) and call it a maintenace fee…. and your lights go out 2 times each month and they threaten to turn off your electricty if you are 15 days late on paying your bill?

Its your fault snowflakes and ass kissing melinials. YOur fucing up this world.

2 thoughts on “I hate all cooperations

  1. Anonymous says:

    Continued= you have no vote. Cooerations dictate to society what they are going to do and charge them more for less services. If you dont comply the eradicate you because they know the have you by the balls.

    Electric, phone, water, taxes, Goverment, etc…….. all tell you how much you are going to pay them, spite how little value and services they offer which is always less and always your fault.

    If I am goverment, and say I want $20.00 more each month as I cannot meet a buddge I created and claime. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE bUT TO PAY. Mean while-I gave myself a healthy riase and increase in benifits, shared a little with my emploeeys as well, boght them new computers, cars to drive during work hours, paid for the fuel and insuance on the new car, bought a new building…….etc to fuc*ing infinity~

    Charging you….who has no choice but to pay……….else you be case out and be damned for trying to survive on less.

    Who allows that to happen? Who is powerless, and who controls who?

    Grow some balls! Refuse to pay the high prices no matter how much you want or suffer for a month. Send them all messages you will not suffer while they get ritch and cause you additional suffering.

    From That $900.00 cell phone and $125.000 monthly bill, the name brand food “organic” at 2 times the price, $150.00 nikies white shoes…etc
    is all BS that you allow to happen and its only going to get worse.

    I’ll be happy and rest my point when you are 15 days late on your payments and they cut you off!

  2. mi says:

    same dude. what type of work do you do? how do you keep sane in this society while still making an income? I’m having a hard time looking for a place where I don’t have to worship the corporate and dollar.

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