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Posted by on 2020/05/02 under Life

I just took a look at the videos created by some of the most popular vloggers in Vietnam and I was shocked. The content is so trashy and still, it attracted so many young people. I still remember the first generation of vloggers in Vietnam who were students studying overseas. Their content was well-made and well-thought. I can’t believe what I’m watching now created by the current generation of vloggers. I think I can’t relate with the Vietnamese youngsters anymore after so almost 10 years living abroad.

That’s kinda sad but I guess that’s life. The longer I live the more people I meet the more things I know the more I will feel amazed at how diverse life is. It’s okay to feel not belonging to somewhere because if that’s the case you will always belong to somewhere else. So you don’t need to feel lonely or outcasted at all.

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