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Posted by on 2020/05/02 under Life

You know when the quarantine started. I didn't really notice a difference…i didn't really see how this was bad at first. I didn't see anyone,I'm in my house all day,and I eat take out. Not any different from a regular day. Without school or work my life has been increasingly repetitive and boring.
I don't have really good friends. Its mostly cause I don't reach out. I feel awkward and forced. I feel like I make people uncomfortable and sometimes I think its better i spare others from experiencing my brand of awkwardness. I want friends. People who get me. My family try to understand but…they don't. I'm not trying to be edgy or anything with the whole "no one understands me" thing. I just feel like I don't show an authentic me anymore to people.I feel so alone sometimes. I'm not. I know there are millions who feel the way I do. I just can't help but wonder why knowing this fact doesn't really make me feel better…..Damm I'm depressing.

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