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Posted by on 2020/05/01 under Life

Why, when I call you act like I can't tell that you're mouthing things to the person next to you. Your mouth is right up against the phone, I hear the movement of your jaw and tongue moving in that dry old mouth of yours. You act fake, cold, I only wanted to talk. When I instantly tell what you're doing I try to get off the phone, but you won't allow that. No, you need control. We have to end the conversation if that's what you call it on your terms.

I hear you out, make you laugh, take your side, always. Especially when you need me. You are never there for me. Not when I need you the most, not when I'm lost, not even to protect me. You have been selfish my entire life. You always put you first. When I was a teen I had to be the mother. You didn't care unless something could make you look bad. Why are you still constantly trying to look cool. You don't need to impress him. I'm your daughter. You're untrustworthiness has impacted me. I make most decisions in life now for everyone else but me.

I Know you are just a human trying your best. Well, that is what I like to think anyway. We laugh at all the craziness you put me through, but it's all too fresh in my mind. I will and I do get over things, but as soon as you're rude or off-putting you instantly remind me of why I distance myself from you. I love you for who you are but I won't allow myself to ever be close to you. You burn too hot and at the most unusual times, I learned my lesson.

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