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Posted by on 2020/04/30 under Life

I caught on to who was stalking me on this site and in real life way long ago. I decided to f*** with you because of the fact that you always called me a stalker. I have never stalked you nor would I ever. I truly am busy in my life with my children and my education and many other accomplishments. Not to mention most of the time I barely want to get out of bed, I really doubt that I would have the energy to follow you around or know where you live or any of the s*** that you have now put me through. You have taken it to a whole new f****** level, you crazy f****** son-of-a-b****. Driving past my house calling out names that's really f****** immature. I came here to write because I was in a dark place and now I see that it's no longer safe or secret. You can go and move on with your life now stop f****** stalking me for real

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