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Posted by on 2020/04/28 under Life

Why is it that I get an hour or two of sleep and then get woken up. I can't get back to sleep. I'm getting up extra early. Looking at the clock as it quickly reaches the time my alarms set.
Are we settling? Dismissed my partner tonight. Couldn't get there and asked them to stop. They made me feel bad about making them stop as we just began. I felt dirty and I just want to be alone. They can be so insensitive. Me and my thin skin.
Side note: Don't help others for your own good. If they told you that they don't need your help, then they don't want it. Many people come to this site don't think that everything is just one person. The world is so much greater then you my dear. And bigger too. Everyone has their own movie that they're playing out. With them as the leading lady. Such a small mind from a even smaller town. Do you go through life thinking everything is about you. Shame, I'm sure you do.

Side edge, f***, slice
It trickles down and covers the ice

I would love that chance.

I don't know much. I can't remember it, but the things I do remember matter to me. They are my memories, moments shared, good times passed, events taken place frozen in my mind.
Sitting on the porch with my crazy haired best friend, sleeping in a light blue fan tent on my bed, my brother teaching me to ride a bike, my first home buying experience, pranks played. They are vividly remembered.
Years later, grown, changed but these are what make me, me.

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