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Posted by on 2020/04/28 under Life

It was a very embarrassing day today. I slept most of it, then at the last minute went to get a b-day gift for a neighbor friend's kid. At Target I got a T-shirt and gifts. Was already running late, so I changed in the car at the red light. Thinking that my tints were way darker than which they are I stupidly pulled my top down trying to crouch down and pull the shirt over. Low and behold the car next to me could see in and started waving their arms around in excitement and to holla (lol). I saw them then tried to put my top on and drive off all casual. Laughing at myself for being so unaware.

Then later at my neighbor's I bent over and my husband said that everyone could see right up my dress/skirt. They got a look at my ass and crotch from behind. There was an odd silence and I had no clue why. That was until we left and my husband told me that I flashed everyone when I bent down. It seems that the neighbor doesn't like me and now I'm sure of it.

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