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Posted by on 2020/04/26 under Life

I feel so sad about my life now. I get bullied by the maid and my husband and parents-in-law can’t protect me. This feeling I have felt before but it only gets stronger over the years when I see with my own eyes how my parents in law always side with the maid and leave me alone struggling. I work hard to feed my husband and my baby, to pay mortgage, to pay for almost everything. I breastfeed my baby for more than a year and still doing it now. I do house chores – washing my own clothes, cleaning my room, washing dishes, cooking for baby and husband. It’s true that I don’t have time to cook for other people but I’m the only one working in the family now – all of them just stay at home and watch drama whole day. But they don’t help me at all. Not at all. Not a single thing.

And they see me bullied. Over the past 3 years. With joy.

I will not forget this. Of course I don’t intend to take revenge. But i will not forgive them. I know they consider the maid as their family. But I’m their family, too.

Or maybe not. I don’t know. I hope this cohabitation thing will end soon. I hope I will have to see the maid face as seldom as possible soon. Once a year is good. The best is never again. But I doubt she will give up this job so easily.

I have to be strong. It’s getting over soon. This too shall pass. Just like before. All the bad things will come to an end.

I need a better home and a better job. I will have a better home very very soon. And a better job is coming my way too. I need to be patient and focus on my inner strength and try my best to learn and work hard.

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