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Posted by on 2020/04/20 under Life

Have you wondered about your own worth?the right question shall be no how frequently do you wonder and think of it. Happiness and success of others maybe seen differently by your eyes. They make you feel emptier as if yout heart has become a shell that lost its core. I'm average. And i hate it. I have been the ehole life admiring and fantasizing uniqueness. To some I'm unique and a bit weird. To some am lower than them and some look at me with admiration. But does it matter? When I myself not convinced of my own worth? I see nothing special than a bunch of very normal details and achievements. Even those that are a bit abovr average they only came after a hard work which makes me feel even smaller looking at those who achieved it easily and still deserved it. I tell myself all the time something is missing. Am not at the right place. I should be somewhere else where i can be of use where i am totally unique where i use my inner power and intuitive to easily ace the job where i am the only master!

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