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Posted by on 2020/04/17 under Life

How to move on?

Fill your life with people and things you think you should.

Try to rid the thought of them when the pop-up in the ole mind.

Force happy thoughts when you start thinking about what happened.

Take on activities that keep you busy. Get an education, kids, hobbies, friends, food, writing, physical fitness, or whatever keeps your mind busy.

Stay away from drugs, especially drinking. It only makes you loose control of your thoughts. Then you'll end up thinking about them and wanting them. Not truly knowing why. Is it because they make you feel vulnerable and at that moment you are? Is it because you want to f*** and it's them that you miss f***ing? Even if it's just sex, it was just because it was with them.

Don't contact them or run into them in public. The hardest, because once in their vision you will only feel hurt more as they flee from you with a pissed off look on their face.

Don't began to write about them because then you'll end up thinking about them and that s*** is f***ing stupid. Also a waste of your time and thumb energy.

Thumbs, old wrinkled hairy thumbs, with rotting nails. Is that s*** residual under those nails or dirt. Taste it and see. So you lick the old homeless man's nails. Well mainly under but it's earthy. Could be a mixture of both. Sick, vomiting chunks of yellow. What did you eat? How long ago did you consume the content that was once in your stomach now visible to the world. Regurgitating everything. All your f***ing feelings, emotions, desires, and dark sexual fantasies makes me feel ducking a******ish. A******ish a term used to explain being covered in s***. S*** continually coming out. Frowned upon, smelly, wrinkled some with hair. No one likes a butt hole, unless they get to f*** it. Then it's painful, raw, bloody. Go back to not caring it's easier on them and you. Easy, like salivating. You don't have to tell yourself to produce the first step of breaking down your food. Your body just does it. Chewing takes more effort. Swallowing, all I think about when I hear the word swallow is…a pecker…. And wings.. a f***ing bird you sicko's.

Whoopi, fml

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