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Posted by on 2020/04/08 under Life

hey everyone go add @kaylee12500 on snapchat and type fat whore

One thought on “dumbass

  1. Anonymous says:

    Damn! I don’t snapchat or any of the other snowflake texting/chat retard stuff.

    Just deem the satin whore like the rest of Females, all false and biblical whores and move on to the next one to wet your rod for 5 minutes dude.

    Quit putting them on a idolized pedestal, they are further from god than yourself (even if you are the next resurrection of Christ)!

    All females are all selfish and will spread their legs for anyone (including satin) if they think it lands them on “easy street” a no effortless and deceptive way of life.

    They all pretend they are something they are not (good, lie, cheat, deceive, and steal) and they all break promises while holding you liable, the blame, and accountable for everything…(They are Miss Innocent demons and devils angles) ….They are irresponsible and selfish and dedicated to no one nor god above themselves.

    Since the beginning….Adam and Eve… women have deceived both man and God as man was created in gods image.
    Women are the opposite… think hard about that!

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