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Posted by on 2020/04/07 under Life

Not the best with words, but this is what I got. I feel emotional and vulnerable. Overusing these words lately, but maybe I can explain. My chest feels heavy. Breathing gets shallow. Eyes that are dams about to burst. My mind is always wondering to them. Biting on the corner of the inside of my mouth where my lips and cheek meet. Now a permanent indention is made. I'm nervous and lost for words when I see them. I could cry at any moment. At times I tell myself that the thought of them is just a distraction. Yet they never seem to leave my mind. Happy, sad, good, or bad. The only person that I felt like I could relate to. They're the one that I felt connected in this lonely world to. We have many come into our lives, but only so few that we feel completely comfortable and whole with. I was unhealthy mentally and still am. I'm sure they saw it, but never knew to what extent. I really just want them to be happy. I want the best for this person.

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