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Posted by on 2020/04/05 under Life

January 26, 2020
12:40 PM

I don't know how I feel
I was extremely late to church.
Ironically, I got up early (9:30), ate. My sisters left but I couldn't push myself to take my bath and dress up quickly. Sometimes, while dressing up, I get confused and not know what to pick up next or find something or I'm have conversations and jokes with myself.
I'm imagining how my parents will react to the news if they heard. But then, I'm getting kicked out of the school anyway. So, they'll not pay school fees anymore… Meaning they have little leverage over me now. I'm dying anyway.

I'm supposed to call my parents today, but don't want to as they'll ask how my week went and how my classes are going. I don't want to have that conversation
I can't even tell acquaintances about how my life is going during when they ask

Later, I went to school and was able to finish ESSE 2030 Lab 1. It involved Matlab of course. I was doing it while watching TV shows at the same time. It was a simple lab, yet took me the whole evening. I had a few things I didn't understand about the coding. I have no friends to work with for help.

I heard from my sister that my mum is going for a "kidney transplant" in India. Probably not an accurate claim as I do not know them for being very accurate about things.
But well , I couldn't call them that evening because they would ask about my school work and I don't want that
—-tournel henry

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