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Posted by on 2020/04/02 under Life

If you want to talk about a conflicting, manipulative, propaganda and government BS statements and positions.. false claims and other BS ….that which confuses the masses of society and creates unsurity, worry and panic among all, then look no further than any current event.

Now maybe this is propaganda (fake news within its self) and I apologize if I am reporting such fake news as to give the world hope…..
and yes I have been drinking so I hope my words and sentence structure makes sense and logics.

if not read theses 2 short articles and reports, it will take about 2-4 minutes each.

and This one

<a href="" >Coronavirus: We’ve finally found the cure – Chinese govt

In the later link,its ironic that the same country, the same sector where the virus spawned out of thin air, the same virus center only 3 miles from ground zero,claims to have discovered a cure. (who is to balme and where does the finger seem to point)

Likewise, in the US…. in California one of the two first cities hit with carona was WA and Ca…. they (CA) too have claimed to have created a cure within 3 hours (LINK #1).

who is bull-shetting who? Where is that cure you reportedly claimed to have and crate. China? CA?

Ironically they are not one of those in the government contracts that is working so hard to find the cure and has special permissions to "expidite a cure" bypassing relaxed scuitney from the FDA as to cure the US. In short parmicuticles get to use the whole US as guine pigs as the FDA has been told to shut the hell up and allow and approve anything they claim to be a cure.

I think I will stick to be living in the Malaria drug cure…. should I contract this crap impregnated global virus.

God I hope I am making some sense as drunk as I am.

One thought on “The cure for Covid 19

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had a feeling that this was planned from the beginning. But why b/c of the rubber band theory or to lower the population in numbers? Maybe both?

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