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Typeo glore I know but this was long, so pardon me! Hope it makes some sense and alerts the world to what is possible.

If I might steal your thoughts for a moment to entertain you about Walmart’s latest tech. Walmart (as you know) has been social distancing the employees from the customers long before the Covid 19’s first case or even the knowledge there of. How? In the past 4-8 years Wally-world has suddenly upgraded in many ways and most of it is Tech to the point of Minority Report and I-Robot~~ (movies- Will Smith and xxx. If you want holographics See Jerry Kimmles holgraphic performances.
Its all now a reality to a larger degree! Expensive? Maybe…. Maybe NOT!

Damn! I walked into walmart for milk, and ended up spending close too $100 for 6 bags of groceries. Each containing less than 3 items in each bag!

Why do you think the above happened?

If you look back 2-8 years you might have noted all those security camera upgrades that were justified as “shrinkage control” (big Walmart brother is watching Tracking, remembering you) better known as security to catch shoplifters and Identify them FOR THE POLICE AND LEGALITIES; as well as cons who falsely claim to slip and fell on the floor in order to sue Big Wally $$$$$. While most accept this as common, reasonable and legitimate precautions and measures; I despise it with the utmost animosity to the point I want to unleash a destructive force that would destroy Walmart's all across the globe. I don't mean send them to bankruptcy court so they could go home at night, I mean a nuclear explosion that would single out and decenter-grate all Walmart stores and the corporate azzholes to ashes while leaving the (non-brainwashed common folk) Walmart employees alive.

Lets jump forward to a more moddern time “Self Checkouts” and all the mindless followers who love the idea of waiting on themselves as to make the corporate giant richer.

While many of you may think this moves into paranoia, deranged, and conspiracy theroy, LET ME ASK YOU? …….Have you ever heard of human recondition software and Security cameras? How about Facial Recognition? DNA, Eye/Retinal Scanners or Finger Print Scanners? What about Behavioral Analysis?

Yeppers! You can bet Walmart is investing in all! Even in the parking lots! They know who you are and what you are about to do before you even get out of your car! AKA License Plates and those little bar code “State Mandated” annual tag renewals!

Security cameras are more accurate than you think and can do more than just record an image thanks to clever software designers such as myself! Add in a Database wherehouse system, and I can control and predict the world!
Walmart has to money and power to buy the best security money can buy! Do you really think that 100 million in security investment and tech upgrades for 1000 stores hurts them if they gather and save over 40 million per year. If you saved or recovered 40 million dollars per year (after investments) would you be happy?????

Let me back up a moment! I currently own two $200 Hi-Def cameras that can recognize your face, track you as you walk up to 400 feet from your car to the cameras limit and blind spot (In color, In dark) and then switch cameras to continue tracking you. These two cameras also recognize and distinguish you from another person, dog or cat, and can zoom in and show your pubic hairs from over 300 feet away. These two same cameras can also recognize your car and license plate number as well as associate (link) them with you. My cheap cams can even identify you (with clarity) up too 1000 feet away and that is withouth the digital zoom features.

I invested Less than $1100.00 in my whole security system. What do you think walmart invested in their security per store? $10,000 – $100,000. They make that in a hour or day per super-store!

Make no mistake about it, Walmart's Security Cameras are now their backbone and here is how.

When you drive into the parking lot, those outside scurity cameras are capable of zooming in and identifying the licens plate on your car. Thus they get your license plate number. Some of the cameras are zoom’s are so strong 30x-50x that they can record the bar code from the license plate. Ever heard of BarCode Readers and scanners, or OCR Scanners (Optical Character Recognition)? OCR has been around since 1990 or earlier. Eg Dragon Dictate and other software.

A picture can be processed to identify both License plate numbers and bar codes. BTW, State Trooper lasers can scan your license plates from great distance with their laser scanners while driving down the highway… that is why you get pulled over for nothing more than expired tags. It happened to me in 2003. Every tried to read a (1” x 1” inch) bar code from 100 feet away? NO Way Could they have known that unless they had a Mobile Lazar Scanner! Yup! In 2003 – I got pulled over and a Ticket from Mr. Trooper who told me my tags were expired. I remember the circumstances and scene vividly as I have sort of a (movie projection) photographic and good memory.
BTW…I am a Software/Database designer and programmer…and….IT’S NOW 2020, 17 years later!

In short, a license plate number and the bar code tag, though an image is scanned and converted to digital, read and logged, just like that bar code of a Snickers candy bar you run across the scanner in the check out line. Such a satisfying treat! But there is more!

When you get out of your car, that same camera in the parking lot can scan your face. Walmart has invested in facial recognition software that identifies you individually, by your face before you even walk in the store! Thus Walmart knows your coming!

Many do not think about this (and yes its a conspiracy theory) but they may even know how much money you have in your pocket thanks to the US Federal Reserve/mint placing electronic strips inside the paper money in your wallet or purse!

Once you enter the doors, you might note that you are now corralled like beef and guided through a metal detector / RFID Scanner / Motion Detector as you come and go through the doors. In a split second the computerized mutil scanner cand ID your money in pocket, tell if you are wearing a stolen pair of Nikie’s, and if your coming or going! Ever seen and heard the (shop lifting) alarm go off as someone walks into or out of Wally-world? RFID!
Now you are linked to the car, your image, and as a potential shoplifter.

As you walk around like a Mindless Zombie in the store, unaware of being watched or tracked, Wally-world’s cameras are waching your every move and logging multible angles of your face. They Now have 3-D image of your body and are analyzing our actions. Lets face it! Even if I were a shoplifter, there are lagitimate times I go into Wally-world for a tub of coffee or 50 lb bag of dog food as a common commodity and hard to shoplift item.

Throgh behavioural analysis, they know when I am there lagitimately to shop for supplies and/or when I might be on the prowl to steal one of their over priced cheap pieces of a junk ($2.00) Watch from the jewelry department. (Ever seen a Rolex for sale in Walmart?) More so their prior scans already know how much cash and credit money I have in pocket to spend.

This might be a good time to mention that wonderful “Self Check Out” isle that has replaced the human who depends on Minimum Wage and slave labor to buy a months worth of bread and milk to feed her toddler and pay the water bill (no electricity, housing, nor insurance).

Self POS (Point of Sale)
I forgot to mention; my wonderful $200 security cameras can also track POS. That is any time any one pays for an Item, as they are checking out, standing there, I can use my cheap ass camera to not only see every move they make “should they try to slip a 0.05 cent piece of bubble gum in their pocket”; but I can also log ever item they scan, every item they dont scan (RFID or not), maybe scan their finger prints, “eye” retinal ID, credit card number, cash, etc.

More so, In self check out lines, those wonderful computerized POS machines also have a tiny security camera taking a very detailed and close up of your face. Look at what detail a simple cell phone camera
can capture! That laser bar code scanner (or the camera) might even have the capability to scan your finger prints and/or the capillaries in your eyes. Ever heard of Ultra Violate Rays, Red, Blue, Green, Lasers. AKA light sources that the human eye cannot detect or register? Invisable light!

I must stop here as my mind blows apart in all the features and tech realities and of the possibilities and as to what knowledge Wally word tabs now has on you! That camera is (and has been) recording your behavior as there ARE Tell Tale signs of the guilty shoplifter -vs- the legitimate shopper -vs- the innocent shoplifter (the ones who legitimately do not intend to shoplift but do so accidentally as they forget or overlook).

They already know what vehicle you drive, what license plate you have, the state tag bar code, your face, actions, and if you pay with any type of Plastic…. The are about to know your name, address, phone number, credit/debit/food stamp/etc card you have, your cards pin number….ect. They also know your pattern and what you normally buy.

I could probably think of a thousand more things to say.

But lets just say Walmart knows just as much as the Government knows about you and a lot more.

But the take away is “You are being manipulated and treated like a criminal” in Walmart and they know more about you than you do of yourself!

Keep being a mindless Zombie to Coorperat powers, or fight the future!

One thought on “Walmart is Stalking you! Paranoia, Conspiracy Theory, or Reality?

  1. michael perfect says:

    Thank you, great stuff. Might explain the uneasiness people feel when they are in those large supermarkets. The fact of the matter too though is the security guards were all sent out as they had to pay them a decent wage. So we have basic walmart workers doing security work lol. There are no real james bonds spying on you, im sure the information just gets sent to the government and their experts then analyse and store it.

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