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Posted by on 2020/03/29 under Life

When people tell me that I am bipolar, dramatic, or crazy because of me expressing my thoughts, emotions, or feelings, it makes me mad. Am I not allowed to express myself in a healthy manner? Why do you say that I have some mental illness to be feeling anything? Isn't it natural to express oneself? If I had only learned earlier in life to express myself healthily, oh what heartbreaks that I could have saved myself and others from.

When others express hate, anger, resentment, they act as if this is not the same as expressing what I feel, but mine are just different emotions. Nevertheless, there are underline hints of anger and hate, and they show through differently.

I will not feel like just some CRAZY woman anymore. I am thoroughly deserving of sorting out my feelings and expressing my emotions just as much as anyone else is. If you cry, I do not tell you to stop, even if it hurts me. When you raise your voice, I let you, but then I have to explain to our children that we are just passionate people and that we are just expressing ourselves loudly. I am tired of biting my lips and holding my tongue.

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