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Two years ago, I sold my HDavidson and had to have it repossessed as they skipped 4 payments. I got it back and it was wrecked, and needed about $2500 in repairs just to even be saleable. In less than 6 months he put close to 10,000 miles on it as well, so new tires, belts. 4 months of missed payments and damages = $4500!
All while I was out of work and very little spending money.
I filed with the court and paid over $150 in fees just to take him to court. He evaded the court/warrent/summon/police and skipped town but I found out where he lived, and told the judge. They said for another $100 they would hunt him down.

Nothing ever became of that. So the courts/goverment ripped me off and so did pice of shiet.

When there was a death in the family, I had two vandles tear down my business sign. It was late at night and I saw the vehicle ligths so I grabbed my gun and got into the car and chased them for over 5 miles at high speed. Should have just stopped and busted about 13 caps at them because thier car was faster than mine. But I didnt.
I came back home called the police and they didnt do a damn thing. and showed up the next day to take the report.
Nothing ever became of that.

In december, I had over $7000 worth of property stolen from me and caught the vehicle on video and knew who the vehicle belonged too. 5 days later, I caught the person trying to sell the property online and knew who they were, their vehicle was on the video. The police when with me and I recovered my property, but the did not arrest the person that stole my property.
I filed a report, and they still did not arrest this person.

In 2012, I was on food stamps! I received the Maximum amount which is $172 a month to survive on.
2020, I am on food stamps again, and I still only get the max amount of $179 a month. No cost of living increase as that is the max.
Most people spend that per week for a week and a half worth of groceries.

Another family who was on disability and died 4 days early of the end of the month eg Dec 1, Jan 1, Feb 1….. Social security demanded all that months payments be returned to them because he died 4 days shy of the month.
I had to pay the government back his full social security check, plus pay all his bills, even medicare also back tracked and refused to pay his final doctor bill and ambulance bill because he did not live for the entire month.

Oh, that family member lived 80 miles away and I now have the responsibility of his crappy house trailer and half acre yard, which I inherited. If I don't drive up there over 160 miles every 2 weeks to mow the fuggen grass, the city will fine me $300 and put a lien on the property taxes until it is paid!

I almost forgot! 3 days after he died, I went up there to inspect his house for belongings. Someone already broke into the house and stole a lot of things. Called the police and they came out and looked around, took a report and then left. Have not heard anything out of them in over a year.

All government are SOB's!!!!

Now last week I go to the mailbox and find a Summons for Jury duty. If I refuse to show, they will arrest me and fine me $300 because I don't want to do it and am not doing my civic duties.


FRom now on. If someone crosses me, I will kill them!

5 thoughts on “I hate our goverment and the Legal system

  1. Anonymous says:

    You don’t have to attend jury duty during this time. Look into it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its not only that. Its how the system sucks for the honest and those struggling as well as those trying to play by the faulty rules.

  3. Anonymous says:

    In a world where so many cheat in everything that there is, if you consider yourself honest then you are only being honest to yourself. Everyone is deserving of rants and expressing frustration. But if you are truly holding on to your morals and ethics in a world filled with corruption and lies then haven’t you won already. We all are struggling out here.

  4. Anonymous says:

    well I probably wont kill them, but maiming them might be a strong possibility.

    Im not going to hell for anyone or anything…or at least I hope so. lol

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you forever damage someone I’m sure you could ask for forgiveness and just never have that s*** in your conscience.
    Yeah it’s your world we’re just living in it

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