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Posted by on 2020/03/22 under Life

I am upset over so many things that have happened to me that we’re so unfair. Why did that happen why did people do that and give me bad memories. It’s my in laws and relatives who have been very unfair to me.. that’s what happens when your parents have never valued you. All my life suppressed by something or the other society obligations.. and for the first time I was going to travel somewhere on my own to meet friends and just be myself for 2 days but NO the coronavirus hd to happen now.
Seriously I have supported other people in their travel all my life supported them in their endeavors all my life but now that it was my turn my plans are destroyed by the f***ing virus.
That’s all there is to it. I want to take revenge from everyone. A lot of people have ruined my happiness many many times, I just want revenge, sweet revenge. All of that brought me to this. I am the person looking for revenge now. I want to ruin everyone’s plans of happiness.

One thought on “Upset

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure you’re just angry but doesn’t it seem immature to hold revenge.
    It sounds like you’re speaking out of emotions but you sound spoiled. “Because I didn’t get xyz now I’m going to be vengeful” It’s vengeance on something that no one has control over. Many people are trying to stop this virus. It’s out of control. People are struggling to breathe and taking their last breaths, but you should hold your vengeance because you couldn’t go on a trip.

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