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Posted by on 2012/03/19 under Uncategorized

You really want to know why I don’t like blame? Why I hate it so much when you say it’s “the government keeping you down” or your “bad knees making it hard to exercise, and THAT’S why you’re fat”? You want to know WHY I can’t stand it when you say it’s your parents’ fault that you never achieved your dreams? Because blame only HURTS. Blame gets you no where. My grandma “would have become a professional skater if it wasn’t for her weak ankles.” Instead of trying to work past it or find something else she might be good at, she just gave up and blamed her health and the government for not supporting her. She is now an old, scary looking woman with four kids, one of which was autistic until he got shot on her birthday, one of which is 40 years old and lives at home with her completely unable to care for either of his disabled children (whom she is also teaching to just blame the world), one who she almost disowned because she “married beneath her” and one more, my dad, who I am lucky to have. He seems to be the only one in the mess who is sane. All because of her weak ankles and lack of state support. Not only that, but you people who just constantly hate on the government and think or vets as slaves to the system, think of this. My family is hired by the state to take care of two mentally disabled people who would otherwise be on the street. We get a living, and they get a home. How’s that for dirty politics? Not only that, but I would like you to meet my grandfather, Vietnam vet with TWO purple hearts he received for surviving two different plane crashes while flying over battle ground looking for injured soldiers. He fought so you could have your freedom of speech and right to criticize your leaders. And you use that freedom for hate and blame. Shame on you.

Blame your health. Blame your government. Blame your parents or “the system” or whatever you think will get you out of taking responsibility for your own lazy-ass self. But when I ask you why you haven’t payed your half of the rent this month, DO NOT BLAME ME.

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