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Posted by on 2020/02/23 under Life

I understand that I can't make anyone like me. I definitely can't change the opinions that were formed from them judging me or from the opinions of others that they believe are the truth. So, I don't try to change anyone. I am completely aware that I can't please everyone. I am just me. Open, forever changing, learning, aging. I don't go out of my way to put words down to alter one's thoughts, I don't try to convince, or gain anything from anyone. It's for myself, that's why I do it anonymously. I need an untraceable place to write. Write about family, moments, experiences, pain or guilt. It is my choice to write. Just as it is theirs to have their own personal opinions. I'm alright with my words never reaching the one there for or never getting the courage to say what I want to my abuser. I will continue to be alright.

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