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Posted by on 2020/02/14 under Life

What is it which makes the serenely perfect day?
To truly say would be frivolous yet one can try.
It is far more difficult to pin than the moments and
The rarity is such I can count the odd times it has occurred.
It has been three.
Three, one with a true beauty, one with a foolish victim, and one with my inverse.
The beauty was too beautiful I did not wish to harm them.
The victim was too much of a victim I did not wish to know more.
The inverse was an equal opposite, reflecting my weakness and perceived inadequacies.

The serenely perfect day opens as this,
An empty winding street
A promenade with one you barely know
The knowledge that it will never happen again.
It is the chance encounter
The actions of surprise
An innate intuition as the serene streets lead.
There is a unity unseen
As the pair walk linked by an invisible force
Time slows
There is no anxiety
No limitation
No fear.
You are both in that moment.
The mind will not wander
It does not doubt and question.
You are living in imagination.
There need not be words exchanged every second
There need not be actions in every moment
The two are adrift in an unknown world
No one else exists
Time ceases to be of importance
The relaxed air envelopes the pair in warmth
There is no fear of what is to come
To live in a fantasy is enough
But alas the clock will strike and the spell lifts.
It is then that
You see the realities, the truth.
What is found you may not like
All is not as it seems.
You were within a dream, hypnotized by your wishes

One thought on “the serenely perfect day

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just went over this a good three times.
    Grrrr, goddamn reality.

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