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Posted by on 2020/02/11 under Life

Its another f*** bucket of a day. There is this bleach blonde old wanker of a woman in the local supermarket who sometimes talks to me then ignores me. She looks angry and hateful with a wild horrible glare in her eyes. What the f*** is up with her ?. She told me she is rich and i told her she shouldn`t be working then, she should let others have a job to earn some cash. I don`t think she has ever forgiven me, but talks to me when she wants on her terms. Its only through a lack of social life and friends that i talk to shop workers. Its really pretty sad that i even do this. Even if i meet a woman who i really like in these shops i do not have the balls to ask her out or i even start to avoid the shop as i am too shy. I am a ball less little cretin who deserves nothing. ( f*** i`m being hard on myself)
My online friends are never here anymore. I am on some s***ty chat client called paltalk which is nothing but political s***heads who are obnoxious little runts and f*** ups who are into sick s***. The dregs of society. Wow this really is some rant isnt it but i dont care, i`m letting this s*** out.

3 thoughts on “hash Tag Chicken Fajitas

  1. Anonymous says:

    We can talk or I can read about your day. I’m also probably a f*** up and I know that I’m definitely into sick s***, but I will talk to you if you’re willing and lonely.

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh lol hi im not into sick s***
    lets talk asl <joking
    i reside in the uk

  3. Anonymous says:


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