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Posted by on 2020/01/24 under Life

I feel stuck in this horrible town. I have lived in the area for over 22 years, I'm in my early thirties. That's more than half my life here and I still don't truly know anyone here.
There was a time when I almost got out, but the lack of optimism from my significant other brought us back.
Now financially we can't just get up and move.
Not all but many people in this town act the same. The woman are extremely insecure and throw shade when they get the chance. The men here f*** anything that has a hole. They also tell false stories about who they have been with to fill their putrid egos. Many younger people here will be overly fake nice and cater to the older community and turn around with a f***ed up ass attitude. As if you are not a paying customer or as if the south only makes money seasonally. We now have such a booming population with many individuals living here full-time there is no need to treat vacationers/seasonals like royalty. I'm all for respect towards elders but I am also for respect towards everyone. They are just going to give you a poor ass tip.
The way one gets a good job in this area isn't by going to college, but it's by how many people you know and for how long will you kiss the managers pimpled butt's.
Many people are clicky and it's been this way ever since middle school. It is as if mentally they don't grow as individuals. Like I said this is not everyone but many. These are the same people that love it here and never want to leave.
Many of my close friends had the same idea as me and ran from this town when they had the opportunity.
This place is filled with baby-boomers that want to take all the part-time positions plus their SS and retirement checks. Which makes it very hard to afford rent or homes in a nice area which just so happens to be where the good schools are.
Most drive like they have never driven a car before. They don't f***ing use turning lanes or signals. They drive five mph under the speed limit.
For the oldies that don't work they have apparently nothing better to do with their lives so they wander aimlessly around. You can catch these saggy skinned zombies roaming grocery stores, parks, and waiting by their mailbox. Some I can't deny are nice and seem to not act overly white privileged.
They also might be the last of the one's that have lived here their entire lives.

2 thoughts on “I want out

  1. Anonymous says:

    try living in my town. Sounds much worse than yours!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry.

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