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Posted by on 2020/01/22 under Life

There once was a dog named rufus
He was small, weak, and not very bright
He had no friends in the kennel and they called him a dofus
The other dogs made fun of him, cause he was easy to fright.

Till one day he met a cat who was just like him
The cat was cool and did not judge rufus for his flaws
There were two of them actually who were named jim and kim
They were made fun of too, they couldn't fight back due to lack of claws

They became friends oddly quick
All three had flaws they could overlook
Even if the dog began to be a prick
But then something happened that left the three shook

All three were adopted, Oh how joyous it was
There owner wanted company for their own dog
At their new house they did what an animal does
They greeted their new friend who looked more like hog

“My name is Randell and i am the King”
He said while sitting on the couch
“The king looks like he was stinged”
Said jim but the dog sat on him, Ouch

As the weeks went by things had gotten worse
Randell claimed everything, his response would always be
“I was here first”
He left the three with nothing

Until one day rufus had yelled “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”
Randall said ”what is it now pipsqueak”
“You always act big mean and rough lets fight to see who's tough”
Randall replied” alright then shortstacks loser lives on the streets”

The two cats begged and pleaded with the small dog
“Please don't rufus you'll be torn to shreds”
Rufus said back “i can't just watch and sit like a log”

And what happend friends? Well i'm sorry to tell you but rufus ended up


It's not a happy ending and im sorry to say
Life isn't always white and black
It's always a slight shade of gray
And those are the facts

If it was your story then maybe just might
You could alter it, shape it , make it bend
Then rufus wouldn’t meet a horrible bloody sight
But until the then friends

The End

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