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Posted by on 2019/12/27 under Life

Why do people hate Walmart so much ?

2 thoughts on “Walmart

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hate is a very strong word, i dont think they HATE it. They dislike it because its cheap plastic from china, which destroys local small shops. Its a corporation who dislike humanity or people, but use them for profit and money at the expense of the world. So this means sweatshops making people in asia work for hardly no wage slave labour. Walmart probably also dont pay the same tax everyone else pays, they have a skewed car parking system where people do not pay for parking either and also probably pay a very very low rent. So low rent low tax and no car parking fee? while everyone else has to pay it.just because these corporations are run and set up by government, isnt fair on everyone else. They are basically breaking many laws and getting away with it as they have friends in government. Hope this answers your question a little.

  2. Igor igor vincent martz says:

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