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I think it’s funny how things work. You have a dream that you wish would come true and you try as hard as you can but God doesnt pull through with you till the end…

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  1. Lautaro says:

    I have to say, I feel very bad for you. Between your medical/physical remblpos, emotional remblpos, remblpos with depression, relationship remblpos, and more you might want to consider making some radical changes in your life. You are so young, yet every time you turn around there is some new problem to deal with a life of nothing but continual traumas one after another.Is it normal perhaps for a prisoner of war or some other person trapped in a horrible situation like a concentration camp but for most, no. Of course there is a little anxiety when going from childhood into adulthood, but those who grew up in a safe and nurturing home are able to adequately cope with the transition. Since we don’t know what is driving your depression right now, there is no way to tell what the real issue is with you but kiddo, it is obvious you are not handling the day-to-day struggles of life adequately on your own. At least consider making a change, getting some real help, or if you are already getting help, think about finding someone new.

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