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Posted by on 2019/11/30 under Life

I want to die. I am just so f***ing tired. Tired of being ill tired of handling everything on my own. I just want to stop. And i keep being told fake it till u make it. And i just dnt want to fake it no more. Im tired of not being enough. Of not being able to work to provide for my kids. I suck as a mother. I hate my illnesses. Im tired of the pain physically and emotionally and spiritually. I just want it to end. But it doesn't matter how many times ive tried to kill myself God wont let me die. Im a fat ugly loser that will always be less then. Im tired of being alone. I just want to be held and told everything will be alright

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    Sorry you feel that way. I will tell you everything will be alraight any day of the week or night, but not hold you forever.

    Past experiance tells me that such will end up being a life long endevor, and you would feed on that and keep wanting more and more…. so I beg of you, see the doctor/shrink, let them put some depression meds in your system so you will feel better and better about yourself.

    So your fat, me too! Rotten set of teeth in my mouth and I still keep going. Stop beating yourself up for being fat and I bet you find you like your self better and every one else will as well. when you hate yourself…. everyone else will sooner or later hate you for hating yourself… so stop it! Nothing is worth beating yourself up over, we are all imperfect in our own eyes… but not everyone elses eyes.

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