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Posted by on 2019/11/29 under Life

why is life so confusing time and time again i'm seeing myself thinking of everything no matter if it's about me about someone else I always pressure myself to be the person that someone can always come to and talk but where is my person I can go to and talk to adults don't help all they care about is how I should be growing up and finding a way to take care of them in the future they have no idea how to help their own child with their emotions and have no sense of how anything they do effect me I don't know what to do the only time im even remotely happy is at school and I still can't even go throw school without dealing with something i'm always reminded that i'm not the only one with these feeling and that I should understand others and try and not talk about myself so much and it gets harder when you think that everything is going well then you find out that things that you didn't even know were happening are happening and it breaks you and cuts you so deep that you have to act mature and say that your fine but your not really fine and you can't kill yourself because your friends will hurt and your family would think what would have driven me to do it and also be in pain even though with or without me everything would be the same time and time I tell myself that if I ignore it….that it would go away but no it doesn't it stays and it lingers behind your back out of your sight but always in your mind…and.. even if you do forget something in life will remind you of what happened you can't run from what hurts you…but in my head if you try and face them…you will get hurt even worse then you did before…how do you find an answer when you dont even know where to even start looking.

2 thoughts on “just some teen feelings that are weird

  1. Surya says:

    I actually felt the same way. The sucidal thoughts always dangling abovr my head everynight. I dont wanna dissapoint my family and my bestfriends but life is suffocating and i just wanna quit. Send me email bro if u need me

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Bud!

    Its a shi*ty feeling I know. Life sucks when you look around and see all the chaos and mayhem and where is your own support????? Its everywhere you look, but you just cant see it for the pains you are repressing internally!

    Be yourself and quit being the shoulder for everyone else and you will relive some of the pressure and burdens off your back. Some times it helps just to laugh at others and find something about others that you can ponder as a humorous puzzle rather than offer solutions. Like why do people pass you on the road and then pull in front of you when both lanes are totally open and no other cars in sight? Its two lanes and nothing behind or in front of you for miles! ha ha ha.

    At 57 I cant tell you how many times I have had a gun in hand and looked down the barrel of it and wondered how quick it would end all the bang and I would flop some on the floor for a minute and then bye bye. ……but 43 years later I am still here! and your not alone! I felt the same things you are going through.

    Its because I realize, the world will keep turning and my friends and family would hate me for doing it, and I would not be here to tell you …. Dont do it! We love ya!

    I pray to god you can find some wisdom in my words and I am sorry If I fail you! I want to be there for you, but I cant be if your dead!

    The fact is, ever since age 13 I have always had suicidal tendencies, they get weaker as you grow older and stronger in mind body and spirit. So again…. Dont do it, I love you …. in a non-pedophile type way. lol

    Life is not going to change for the better unless you look it in the eyes and stand up to it! put up your dukes and fight it head on and you will see you will win the fight.

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