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Posted by on 2019/11/11 under Life

My head hurts, my stomach is twisted, I am mentally tired and I have no absolute Idea of who I am. I am lost in my mind and I do not know where I have gone. I am the lost puppy who has lost it's way home. How must I save myself from drowning in the ocean full of my thoughts, filled with pain, hatred, loneliness, and fear. It is a dark room and I am the only one in it. I am stuck with the thing I hate most, Myself.

I am screaming but no one is listening, I am crying but no one is seeing. Nobody notices the pain behind my sad, puffy eyes. As much as I am hiding myself, I want to be seen. I want to be heard but I do not know what to say. I can not cry, I have ran out of all of my tears I had left. I want to go back to the crying little girl, for I did not know that with out her I am much worse. I am now numb. I have hit the bottom of my ocean, and I can not seem to swim back up. I want to feel at peace in my mind but it has seemed that I have ran out. How must I find myself before I am gone, my clock is now ticking.

3 thoughts on “Where Have I Gone to?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think I saw you at subway in New Jersey shooting up and smoking crack. Not! lol

    But the reality of this new generation is No one gives a crap about you, unless you can sue them. Then they are the best and most caring friends and Christians in the world.

    My thought, see a shrink and let them dope you up with ceritonium mind altering drugs.

    Might try the free help approach. You can always trick a Catholic priest into listening by going to confessions. They might even help. who knows?

    main point, let it out dont bottle it up.
    a cup can only hold so much water.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Even here if you like. I am cold hearted and tell it like it is, but I will listen… you might just not like what I say in response as I am a cold hearted SOB who sees things differently.

  3. lulu says:

    tell me your story. i’m not a ‘cold hearted SOB’. I want to help you out.

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