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Posted by on 2019/11/09 under Life

i worked in a job and the van we were working in, got taken away with our packed lunch/sandwiches in, me and a fellow worker, whined and screamed like bitcches
they tried to give us hamburgers and hot dogs at a burger bar, we refused and demanded our sandwiches, the co worker, even said his wife lovingly makes his sandwiches
we stopped work lol
two grown ass men, acting like babies. over some sandwiches lol
i didnt get the job after my 3 week trial lol
they hired someone else

One thought on “never take a mans sandwich

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good for you dude, we have to draw the line somewhere, besides that is stealing even if they offer you a bribe.

    Since they didnt hire you afterwards, I know the regrets, and bet you wished you had dropped them on the ground. I am not sure all employers should immune from a occasional bar room brawl beat down from an employee, nor hold the employer powers over them by law. If such beat down was allowable, workers would be treated with more dignity and respect, if not just out of fear!

    I know about 15 employers on my s*** list that are very deserving. Not to say I am a saint either.

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