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Posted by on 2019/11/08 under Life

I don't know if any one has noticed, but it seems the majority of the females are all trying to stereotype two models, the kardashian and nigger wannabes.

Both are tacky.

The fatassslut role modle is something of a fantasy, your not going to get rich acting like that tramp, she was born into the role and cash so give it up and get a brain!. It seems every female you hear on TV (news interviews, talk shows, etc…) all are talking through their nose, even the female news anchors roll thier eye. By the way they use their real voices and its hot…not a trun off.
Its really a sign that you are a jelloCum brain leaking fluids when you are in their 20-30s but are talking and trying to sound like they are some 11-13 year old striking puberty. Additionally, everyone of your annoying sentences end with a question mark? As if that is some sign of intellect? Sounds worse than that 35 year old woman on the My Pillow Commercial….. ITS SHOCKING TO MEE???????? What? you cant make up your mind that you are shocked or its the fact that it is just a bad script! StupidAssFemales.
Be original!

I would not date any woman who has such lack of individuality as to use their real voice and feels they must imitate someone else? Honestly? I can just imagine sex with them in the little talk through your nose pedophile girl voice????? Oh Yess? Thats It????? &**k Me harder? Harder? I'm going to ***k your brains out????? Got a Dollah fo duh white gurl, i need some crack?????

I would probably go limp and bash her in the head after a minute of that sh*t. then have a better orgasm to the silence as it would be more pleasurable than that chalk board retch of a pubescent voice. Thats if I were to even give her the time of day in the first place.

As far as wanting to be a Nigger or nigger lover, theirs not much hope for you. You were s*** before and now just trying to confirm it. Your daddy should have got the first shot in your mouth and I hope he did. I realize that all this brain washing social engineering love the local nigger and let them trash your heritage and bloodline is your goal. You feminine kind deceived man and god, now what else can you trash…. oh yeah… the future.

3 thoughts on “Be Original

  1. dick splash jones says:

    ya why do females all have the same eyebrow shape
    it looks boring
    plucked to a certain standard

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nothing about a female is real. Make up to hide the ugly, padded bras to make them look bigger or perkier, altered egos to make them look like someone they are not. Fake jewelry or stolen…maybe a freebie from a freebie.
    Over tight clothes that reshape the fat on their azses,….etc

    Then when they take it off they burst like a can of pillsbery biscuts popping open, Bitc, pizz and moan some stupid crap like… I want you to accept me as a real person! I want a real man, I want you to accept me for who I am…… Really? A superficial fake with no original identity or mind is what you want me to accept?

    Most are some getho from the gettoh, in some holloween costume pretending to be rich as to land next months rent money and free dinner and drinks… or a place to sleep.

    Funny, they say they dont want sex, but that is how they dress. They say men are the ones always with sex on thier minds, but the gear up with sex on thier mind from every piced of cloathing they put on, panties bra, pants skirts, tops, jewlry lipstick etc… all to convey sexy! then bithc if a man hits them up and act like they never had that thought.

    Whens the last you as a dude bought something and the first thought was, this will look sexy on me unless you were gay or I’m dressing for me as it makes me feel…..? or in control….Leaving out the wall street Be-stokes in that question.

    Speaking of control, a portion of rape is defined as one having power over another mental,influential, physical…. Women claim to have power of sex over a man, so who really has the mental, infuential, and physical powers. Such definiton should be stricken from the books as the woman manipulates all things suggestive of sex then claims innocent angel me victime.

    Hi, How are you?????? I”M GOOD!!!!!! as she twitches ever part of her body.
    Oh…sorry! I literately meant how are you doing, not how good of a F*ck you think you are in all your self delusions? oh!I”M BROKE and BEHIND ON RENT, need a girlfriend????? “”””why are my sexual lures not working on this cash cow jerk off???? I better move on to the next trick and try to manipulate him with an overload of bull sh*t sexy gestures… goota hurry up Im getting hungry and sleepy”

    If women dont think about sex as much as guys, why do they have those brown bag by a dildo parties and all the Victoria secret catalog wardrobes! Ever noticed that most all women objects brushes,etc in their possession ((((COULD BE used for insertion????? SOME WHERE DOWN THERE)))))))? Next time your in the female bed room look a little closer and think about that.
    The truth, they dont think about sex really means they are not looking for sex as they have a horse size dildo and vibrator waiting on them at home. Maybe one inside them as they are talking to you and you dont even notices.

    I’ve figured out why they really wear gstrings! Only way they can get off while they walk, sit, move and wipe their azzes at the same time.

    I know this is a sick joke/comment/not reality/truth….that is why I want 13 year olds, they are wet and honestly ready for the real thing and it wont cost a cent. Not the older females who want some rubbery silicone base dildo and a bucket of KY jelly because they are dry. but try to land a guy for rent money.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ironic how that young wet prime stuff is off the market until they learn how to manipulate men and legally charge them for some. At that point, they dont want it anymore as they have a dildo at home and have been taught how to get something for something/nothing…..

    as a guy, I would love for women to pay my way just for 10 minuts work… if it last that long. The truth, I get in and get out as fast as I can. If they need to get off, just look in their top paty drawer, pitch it to them as you are headed out the door. lol

    Quid-Pro-Quo is a womans motivation of goal. Then they turn it on the man when they find out hes loaded with cash.

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