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Three monks who had taken vows of silence were permitted an annual reprieve during which one monk was permitted to speak at the end of each year of silence. At the end of the first year, the first monk was allowed his opportunity to speak, whereupon he said "The soup is too hot." Another year elapsed, and it was the next monk's turn. The monks turned their attention to him, whereupon he said "The soup is too cold." Another year elapsed; it was the third monk's turn. The assembled monks turned to him, whereupon he said "The soup is neither too cold nor too hot. However, it is too salty." By the fourth year, the Abbess had posted a notice that it would be she who would speak at the end of that year. The assembled monks were particularly alert to hear the esteemed Abbess give her speech. One could hear the sound of a butterfly's wings in the silence which enveloped the hall. Whereupon the Abbess said, "There will be no more of this quibbling about the soup." Thus have I heard

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